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Dr. Bo Hu

Dr. Hu is the Co-Director Biomedical Informatics Section at the

Cleveland Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative

at Case Western Reserve University, Center for Clinical Investigation


His research interests include adaptive design of clinical trials; longitudinal data analysis; health economics; statistical computing and data mining




Sharon Bi, MCIS

Ms. Bi is a Systems Analyst in the Department of Quantitative Health

Sciences at Cleveland Clinic. She received her Bachelor of Medical

Science at West-China University of Medical Science in 1989 and her

Master of Computer Information Science at Cleveland State University

in 1999. She has more than ten years of experience working on computer

application development using Oracle Database. After joining Cleveland

Clinic in 2001, she began working on development, enhancement and

maintenance of AASK (African American study of Kidney Disease and

Hypertension) Trial system. Since then, she has been a key member for

developing many NIH funded projects, including web-based AASK Cohort

computing system, DAC (Dialysis Access Consortium) computing system,

LAM computing system and FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis)

Clinical Trial computing system. She is currently involved as a

database manager in Advanced Imaging for Glaucoma Study (AIGS). She

has also been involved in developing Oracle Pharmaceutical Application

of Myeloma Study for Cancer Center and Vascular Surgery research at

Cleveland Clinic.